Be fruitful and despise not a day of small beginnings

Welcome to International Kingdom Mandate Ambassadors, Inc. It is no accident that you are reading this page because God is the Author of our journey in life. You are stepping into a place where God wants to begin to process the seed that He has ingrained in you to become like a tree for this world to see His Glory.

Jesus preached and taught the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and what it is like so that we may be restored into His original intent of creating us. We are created in the image and likeness of Our Creator which makes us a "creator" on earth of new things according to His will that we may manage and subdue it. There is a beginning to the things that now exist and see in the natural world. God has no end nor beginning but He created us in Spirit (unseen) and Physical (seen) Realms to be rulers of this earth under His reign. He desires to bring heaven on earth and to dwell with man.

Our Vision

Implementation of the kingdom mandate as ambassadors of our Creator to all nations and systems through participation and involvement in its governing functions.

Our Beliefs

We believe that Jesus Christ is the only Way, Truth and Life who died on the cross and resurrected to reconcile man with God. We believe that the Bible is   The Word of God. We press on reaching various nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God which Jesus brought upon His shoulders, preached and taught which man has lost in the Garden of Eden.

Our Values ( R.U.L.E.S.)

  • Respect. We treat everyone with respect as a man created in His image and likeness
  • Unity. United we stand divided we fall and Jesus prayed that we may all be one in Him.
  • Love. Love bonds one another and covers multitudes of offences
  • Endurance. Running the race and He will renew our strength and not faint for His Name
  • Service. Jesus did not come to be served but to SERVE.

Our Mission Statement

To be an access and platform of Teaching, Empowering,  Activating and Mobilizing individuals and leaders in establishing kingdom living principles in the communities and nations.

Our Works

We collaborate with various organizations and groups internationally and locally to build relationships in working together to manifesting our Creator's original plan of earth to be like it is in heaven. We participate in community activities, government programs, churches and leaders in order to reach the youth, families, children and leaders in making this world to operate in the kingdom way.